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Sealing Structure Vacuum Sintering Furnace , Diy Vacuum Furnace Heating Power 180 / 280KVA

Name: Diy Vacuum Furnace

Heating Power (KVA): 180 / 280

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Double Door Horizontal Molybdenum Furnace , High Temp Furnace Cooling Time ≤ 6 / 8h

Name: Molybdenum Furnace

Temp. Variation: ≤ ±5°C

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Horizontal Industrial Vacuum Furnace With Cylindrical Structure Heating Elements

Name: Industrial Vacuum Furnace

Structure: Horizontal

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Cooling Time ≤ 6 / 8h High Temp Furnace , Sintering Furnace Process Temp Variation ≤ ±5°C

Name: Metal Sintering Furnace

Packaging Details: Special wooden case packing

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Integrated Vacuum Dewaxing Furnace , Rapid Cooling Type Vacuum Furnace Systems

Name: Dewaxing Furnace

Temp. Measurement Mode: Wre5-26 Thermocouple

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High Efficiency MIM Sintering Furnace For Stainless Steel Precision Parts

Color: Black And White/Light Gray And Light Blue

Name: MIM Debinding Sintering Furnace

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Molybdenum Made Metal Sintering Furnace Usable Space 400*400*1500 / 500*500*1800mm

Name: Metal Sintering Furnace

Usable Space (mm): 400 × 400 × 1500 / 500 × 500 × 1800

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Rapid Cooling Time 5-6h Sintering Furnace Process , Easy Loading Metal Sintering Furnace

Name: Metal Sintering Furnace

Loading Space: 450*450*1200/500*500*1800

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Horizontal Design MIM Sintering Furnace With Cyclic Single Room Heating Mode

Name: MIM Sintering Furnace

Structure: Single Chamber,horizental Type

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Heat Treatment Vacuum Sintering Furnace Under Argon Atmosphere

Paint Color: Black, Blue, Gray, White Etc

Sintering Atmosphere: Argon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen

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High Temperature Vacuum Controlled Atmosphere Furnaces With Hot Zone

Furnace Shell: Carbon/stainless Steel

Color: White, Gray, Black, Blue

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Vacuum Heat Treatment Sintering Furnace Ruideer's Special Customization

Packaging Details: Special wooden box

Delivery Time: 5-8 months

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MIM Integrated Sintering Furnace Vacuum Debinding

Warranty: 12 Months

Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant,industry/auto Parts

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User Friendly Vacuum Sintering Furnace For Sintering Cemented Carbide, Ceramics

Usage: Sintering Furnace

Warranty: 1 Year

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Double Door Sintering Furnace Automatic Safety Interlock Function

Type: Resistance Furnace,Powder Metallurgy Machinery,Induction Furnace

Usage: Sintering Furnace,Heat Treatment Furnace,Vacuum Furnace

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Cemented Carbide RDE Industrial Vacuum Furnace Automatic Sintering Ar / H2 Gas

Effective Space: Customizable

Color: Black, Gray, White, Blue

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