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6MPA Dewaxing Pressure Sintering Furnace For Cermets Non-cermets Pricison Ceramic Semiconductor Silicon Nitride

6MPA Dewaxing Pressure Sintering Furnace For Cermets Non-cermets Pricison Ceramic Semiconductor Silicon Nitride

Semiconductor Silicon Nitride pressure sintering furnace

Non-cermets pressure sintering furnace

6MPA Dewaxing pressure sintering furnace

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Product Details
Max.Charge Load:
Power Rating:
Vacuum Degree:
1Pa(under Cold,empty,dry Furnace)
Wax Collection:
≥98%(Argon Gas Negative Dewaxing,3-time Average Value)
Input Gas:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
Packaging Details
wooden cases
Delivery Time
Supply Ability
5-6 months/set
Product Description

6MPA Dewaxing pressure sintering furnace for cermets,non-cermets,pricison ceramic,semiconductor silicon nitride

Equipment system
It mainly includes control system, heating system, positive and negative pressure debinding system,vacuum system, pressure sintering system, cooling water system, rapid cooling system, safety system and auxiliary system.

Design standards:
The ceramic sintering integrated furnace is a single-chamber and double -door horizontal, cyclic heating structure designed for easy handling and maintenance, the whole process is controlled automatically with safety interlock. Full load continuous operation is realized with its maximum ability of 300 furnace times/year or 300 working days/year. Adopting graphite element resistance heating (low voltage, high current) with multiple heating units, each unit of temperature is individually controlled ; The whole process is controlled by computer automation, monitoring, tracking, fault self-diagnosis simulation display and record. The process is controlled by PLC and industrial control machine (IPC) to realize the one-key start-up of the whole process, real-time dynamic monitoring, temperature, pressure, vacuum and other parameters saving and reliable alarm interlock.


Furnace Type Horizontal type(Max Working pressure:58bar/98bar)

Vertical type

(Max Working pressure:58bar/98bar)

RDE-3312-N RDE-4412-N RDE-5512-N RDE-5518-N RDE-1500-N RDE-3800-N
Usable Space (W*H*L) 300*300*1200mm 400*400*1200mm 500*500*1200mm 500*500*1800mm Φ1000*1500mm Φ3250*3800mm
Max.Charge Load 300kg 500kg 1200kg 1500kg 1000kg 4000kg
Power Rating 320KVA 320KVA 430KVA 600KVA 500KVA 720KVA
Heating Zone 2/3 Zones 3 Zones 3 Zones 3 /4 Zones 4 Zones 6 Zones
Cooling time ≤5h ≤6h ≤7h ≤8h ≤10h ≤12h

Empty furnace, cooling from sintering temperature 2100℃ to 100℃.

(water temperature≤26℃, water pressure 2-3bar, 55bar(95bar)≤Ar pressure≤58bar(98bar).

Service Life 20years/6000furnace cycles
Max. Working Temp 2100℃
Temperature Measurement Special design High temperature W-Re5/26 Thermocouple
Max Vacuum Degree 1Pa (under cold, empty, dry furnace)
Leakage Rate 3Pa/h (Average value under cold, empty, dry furnace)
Wax Collection ≥98%(Argon gas negative dewaxing, 3-time average value)
Forming Agent Paraffin,PEG,Rubber,(C12H22O5)n etc.
Input gas N2, Ar, H2
Functions Automatic Positive Pressure, Negative Pressure Leak Detection
Ar Negative Pressure Dewaxing/H2 Micro Positive Pressure Dewaxing
Vacuum Sintering
Partial Pressure Sintering (Static, Dynamic)
Pressure Sintering
Rapid Cooling
Fully-automatic control & Safety interlock& Breakpoint continuing heating & Wireless remote control& Self-diagnosis

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