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RDE Heat Treatment Sintering Furnace With High Vacuum Degree

RDE Heat Treatment Sintering Furnace With High Vacuum Degree

RDE Sintering Furnace

220V Heat Treatment Sintering Furnace

RDE Heat Treatment Vacuum Furnace

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CE certificate, GB150, JB4732

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Product Details
Sintering Furnace,Heat Treatment Furnace,Vacuum Furnace
12 Months
Temperature Uniformity:
±5 ℃
PEG, Rubber, Resin
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
USD 93,000-77,000,000
Packaging Details
Special wooden box
Delivery Time
5-8 months
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T
Supply Ability
7 sets / month
Product Description

RDE Heat Treatment Sintering Furnace With High Vacuum Degree



Technical parameters


Service life 6000times 


Max. Loading weight


≥500kg(According to products and loading space)


Max. Designed temp.


1600℃(Heating temperature)


Max. Working temp.



Max. working pressure



Ultimate vacuum degree

1pa (After heating, under cold,empty,dry condition)


Pumping speed


The vacuum degree is up to 5 Pa within 30min after starting pump. The vacuum degree can reach 3pa after pumping continually within 30min.

Leakage rate (average 24h)


3Pa/h(After testing ultimate vacuum,under empty cold, clean condition, test in average 24h)


Wax-collection rate


≥98% (Ar dewaxing with 10kg wax absolutely, average not more than 3 times )


Max. Ramp up rate


8℃/min(Room temperature ramp up to 1450℃ in vacuum,empty loaded condition,can be soaked in process when 600℃,1000℃ and 1200℃.

≥5℃/min when Fully loaded


Cooling time


≤6~7h(From 1480℃ drop to 100℃ when fully-loaded,water temperature≤28℃ )


UPS time


Supply power to indicator and to control furnace when power-off, Keeping time≥80min


Temperature uniformity


YG6 or YC40 control inserts to test:

Magnetic saturation deviation after debinding ≤±0.25%,

Coercivity deviation≤±0.3KA/M


Temperature gradient


≤±7℃ (Vacuum sinter to 1450℃,Put ceramic FERRO of grade 334 on flat graphite plate)
Heating power 280KVA,Suggest user’s inlet wire:≥180mm2


Temp.measurement Mode


WRe5-26 double-core single thermocouples,mutually redundant,stable and reliable
Temperature control mode 3-zone temp. Control




Specialized in producing sintering furnace for powder metallurgy. Ruideer, the right choice for you.


Our standard sintering furnace model include (but are not limited to):

  • Debinding pressure sinteing integrated furnace(1MPa/2MPa/6MPa/10MPa)
  • Debinding vacuum sintering integrated furnace
  • MIM stainless steel sintering furnace
  • Silicon nitride sintering furnace
  • Silicon carbide sintering furnace
  • Molybdenum sheets (metal) sintering furnace (metal products that are sensitive to carbon atmosphere)
  • High vacuum sintering furnaceRDE Heat Treatment Sintering Furnace With High Vacuum Degree 0





RDE history&development:

With over 10 years of experience in the sintering furnace & CVD coating furnace industry, we started off by repairing and maintaining other sintering furnaces. After accumulating enough knowledge and experience, RDE was then founded. We utilize the latest advancements ensuring that our products are at the forefront of the industry. Tailor-made solutions to meet our customers' specific requirements.



Product highlights

Our furnace is electric resistant&intermittent. Temperature ranges from : 1600 to 2200℃. The size and capacity is customizable. We have got reliable and easy-to-use control system that can accurately regulate temperature, atmosphere, and other conditions.


Quality control of equipment

We meticulously choose the raw materials for our equipment, ensuring they meet our specified requirements for quality, durability, and reliability. Our dedicated quality control team monitors every step of the manufacturing process to detect and rectify any potential issues. Before leaving our facilities, each piece of equipment goes through rigorous testing and inspections. We conduct various performance tests to ensure that all functions and features are working correctly. Additionally, our quality control team inspects the equipment for any visual defects or irregularities, ensuring that the final product meets our aesthetic standards as well.


Satisfactory service

Our commitment to customer satisfaction doesn't end with the purchase of our product. We provide comprehensive after-sale service to ensure that you have a smooth and hassle-free experience with our product. Even after one-year warranty, our knowledgeable and friendly support team is available to provide technical assistance and troubleshoot any issues you may encounter with our product.

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