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Cloud Control Vacuum Sintering Furnace Offers Sample Testing Service

Cloud Control Vacuum Sintering Furnace Offers Sample Testing Service

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    Cloud Control Vacuum Sintering Furnace


    Fully Automatic Vacuum Sintering Furnace


    3zone Vacuum Furnace Equipment

  • Types
    Vacuum Sintering Furnace
  • Allow Gas To Be Introduced
  • Vacuum Pump
    Spool Valve, Roots Pump, Rotary Vane Pump
  • Vacuum Leak Rate
  • Type
    Fully Automatic
  • Sample Test
    On-Site Trial Sintgering Service
  • Place of Origin
    Zhuzhou, Hunan Province, China
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  • Certification
    CE; ISO9001; ISO14001; OHSAS 18001
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    1 set
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    Special wooden case
  • Delivery Time
    5-6 months
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T
  • Supply Ability
    8 sets/month

Cloud Control Vacuum Sintering Furnace Offers Sample Testing Service

Cloud Control Vacuum Sintering Furnace Offers Sample Testing Service


Temperature and atmosphere uniformity: Positive and negative pressure paraffin removal or PEG integration sintering uniformity: furnace control piece (Brand YC40 or YG6 medium granular), evenly distributed.


The buyer shall provide the furnace control piece and the procedure, and the seller shall confirm it.

Cobalt magnetism: testing cobalt magnetism after finished dewaxing

Deviation range:≤±0.2%

Coercive force:

Deviation range:≤±0.3KA/M

The temperature uniformity in the furnace is mainly based on the test performance of the furnace control piece.


Power supply:General standard is three phase five wire system AC380V±10% 50HZ.Control power supply:Single-phase AC210V-250V 50HZ design(It can be designed according to local grid standards for different countries and regions)


Temperature measurement mode :WRe5-26 thermocouple

Cloud Control Vacuum Sintering Furnace Offers Sample Testing Service 0


Vacuum Sintering Furnace Technical parameters:


Specifications RDE-YTL-336/RDE-DYL-339 RDE-YTL-450 RDE-DYL-5518  
Effective space




Max.Temperature 1600℃ 1600℃ 1600℃  
Maximum load 150Kg/200Kg 350Kg/400Kg 1500Kg  
Vacuum leakage rate:(Average in cold,empty,dry chamber in 3 hours) 2Pa/h 2Pa/h 3Pa/h  
Extreme vacuum 0.8Pa 0.8Pa 1Pa  
Wax-collection rate(negative pressure dewaxing process.The maximum average value is 3 furnaces) 98% 98% 98%  
Cooling period(Sintering temperature—100℃) 240min-300min 300min-420min 480min  
Temperature control mode 2-zone/3-zone 2-zone/3-zone 3-zone  
Atmosphere and temperatureuniformity








Input gas allowed Ar,N2,H2
Functions:Vacuun dewaxing,H2 dewaxing,vacuum heating,heating with gas mixture,heating flowing gas,Rapid cooling.


Vacuum Sintering Furnace Applications


For Cemented Carbide, Precision Ceramics, stainless steel, Iron-based alloy, Copper-based alloy, Aluminum products


The cemented carbide pressure sintering furnace is a single chamber and double door horizontal and periodic heating structure,which is designed for easy handling and maintenance, the whole process is controlled automatically.It can realize full load continuous operation, 300 furnace times/year or 300 working days/year.It uses graphite element resistance heating (low voltage, high current) .In addition, there are multiple heating units, each of which controls the temperature separately.It equipped with fully automatic control function and safety interlock function.The whole process is automatically controlled, monitored, tracked and recorded by computer.The PLC, industrial computer (IPC) control to realize the whole process of one-key start, real-time dynamic monitoring, computer will save temperature, pressure, vacuum and other parameters ,alarm interlocking is safe and reliable.