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Silicon Nitride Sintering Furnace Application In Automobile Industry

Silicon Nitride Sintering Furnace Application In Automobile Industry

Automobile Industry Silicon Nitride Sintering Furnace

Metallurgy Silicon Nitride Sintering Furnace

98 Bar Industrial Sintering Furnace

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CE certificate, GB150, JB4732

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Product Details
White, Gray, Black, Blue
Automobile, Medical. Metallurgy,Metal Working And Cutting Tools, Electronics
Service Life:
20 Years
Temperature Uniformity:
Cooling Time:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
CNY 1000000.00-5000000.00
Packaging Details
Special wooden box
Delivery Time
5-8 months
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T
Supply Ability
7 sets / month
Product Description

Nitride Ceramicssintering Furnace (for pressure sintering of silicon nitride, aluminum nitride, and boron nitride ceramic materials)

Silicon Nitride Sintering Furnace Application In Automobile Industry

Furnace Selections


Furnace Type Horizontal type(Max Working pressure:58bar/98bar)

Vertical type

(Max Working pressure:58bar/98bar)

RDE-3312-N RDE-4412-N RDE-5512-N RDE-5518-N RDE-1500-N RDE-3800-N
Usable Space (W*H*L) 300*300*1200mm 400*400*1200mm 500*500*1200mm 500*500*1800mm Φ1000*1500mm Φ3250*3800mm
Max.Charge Load 300kg 500kg 1200kg 1500kg 1000kg 4000kg
Power Rating 320KVA 320KVA 430KVA 600KVA 500KVA 720KVA
Heating Zone 2/3 Zones 3 Zones 3 Zones 3 /4 Zones 4 Zones 6 Zones
Cooling time ≤5h ≤6h ≤7h ≤8h ≤10h ≤12h

Empty furnace, cooling from sintering temperature 2100℃ to 100℃.

(water temperature≤26℃, water pressure 2-3bar, 55bar(95bar)≤Ar pressure≤58bar(98bar).

Service Life 20years/6000furnace cycles
Max. Working Temp 2100℃
Temperature Measurement Special design High temperature W-Re5/26 Thermocouple
Max Vacuum Degree 1Pa (under cold, empty, dry furnace)
Leakage Rate 3Pa/h (Average value under cold, empty, dry furnace)
Wax Collection ≥98%(Argon gas negative dewaxing, 3-time average value)
Forming Agent Paraffin,PEG,Rubber,(C12H22O5)n etc.
Input gas N2, Ar, H2

Automatic Positive Pressure, Negative Pressure Leak Detection

Ar Negative Pressure Dewaxing/H2 Micro Positive Pressure Dewaxing

Vacuum Sintering

Partial Pressure Sintering (Static, Dynamic)

Pressure Sintering

Rapid Cooling

Fully-automatic control & Safety interlock& Breakpoint continuing heating & Wireless remote control& Self-diagnosis



Facts about Si3N4

There exist three crystallographic structures of silicon nitride (Si3N4), designated as α, β and γ phases.The α and β phases are the most common forms of Si3N4, and can be produced under normal pressure condition. The γ phase can only be synthesized under high pressures and temperatures and has a hardness of 35 GPa.



Silicon Nitride Sintering Furnace Application In Automobile Industry 0 Silicon Nitride Sintering Furnace Application In Automobile Industry 1 Silicon Nitride Sintering Furnace Application In Automobile Industry 2
trigonal α-Si3N4 hexagonal β-Si3N4 cubic γ-Si3N4


Automobile industry


One of the major applications of sintered silicon nitride is in automobile industry as a material for engine parts. Those include,

  • In diesel engines, glowplugs for faster start-up;
  • Precombustion chambers (swirl chambers) for lower emissions, faster start-up and lower noise;
  • Turbocharger for reduced engine lag and emissions. In spark-ignition engines, silicon nitride is used for rocker arm pads for lower wear, turbocharger turbines for lower inertia and less engine lag, and in exhaust gas control valves for increased acceleration. As examples of production levels, there is an estimated more than 300,000 sintered silicon nitride turbochargers made annually



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