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Multi functional Gas Pressure Sintering Furnace Rapid Cooling 480KVA

Multi functional Gas Pressure Sintering Furnace Rapid Cooling 480KVA

Multifunctional Gas Pressure Sintering Furnace

480 KVA Gas Pressure Sintering Furnace

Rapid Cooling Vacuum Pressure Furnace

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CE certificate, GB150, JB4732

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Product Details
White, Gray, Black, Blue
Working Space:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
Packaging Details
wooden box
Delivery Time
5-8 months
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T
Supply Ability
7 sets/month
Product Description

Gas Pressure Sintering Furnace/Customizable/Multi-functional/480KVA/Rapid Cooling


Our Gas Pressure Sinter Furnaces are manufactured to satisfy our customer’s temperature and pressure atmosphere requirements. They allow various combinations of high temperatures up to 1600°C, partial pressure gas atmospheres in the millitorr or torr ranges.




Technical parameters:


Valid working space (W*H*L)

Max.loading weight

1500kg (The load capacity depends on the product type)

Temperature 1600℃ (Design maximum temperature)
1550℃ (Actual working temperature)
Pumping speed

The vacuum degree can reach 5Pa within 30min after starting the pump. After reaching 5Pa and then pumping for 30min, the ultimate vacuum value reaches 1Pa (within a cold, empty and clean furnace that has been dried before).

Leakage rate

≤3Pa/h (stop the pump group operation and start checking after testing the limit vacuum (within a cold, empty and clean furnace that has been dried before).

Cooling speed

≤7h(full load,from 1450℃cooling down to 100℃,water temperature≤26℃,2 bar≤water pressure≤3bar)

Cooling mode

It's equipped with air cooler for rapid cooling that can also cool the furnace.

Power rating

 Up to 400KVA (The output power can be limited)

Max.heating rate

8℃/min (the room temperature rises to 1450℃within a vacuum and empty furnace. 600℃, 1000℃, 1200℃ half-way insulation is allowed).

Wax yield rate

≥98% (10Kg pure paraffin, argon negative pressure dewaxing. Measured by three times of mean values at most).

UPS guarantee time

It can power the indicator light and control the furnace during power outage for more than 80 minutes.


Atmosphere Uniformity in sintering zone

Positive pressure or negative pressure degreasing integration sintering uniformity: furnace control piece (YC40 or YG6 particles) and paraffin forming agent are evenly distributed on the flat boat. The buyer shall provide the furnace control piece and program, and the seller shall confirm.

Alnico: test cobalt magnetic field after dewaxing, deviation range: ≤±0.3%; Coercive force: deviation range: ≤± 0.4kA /M. The uniformity of furnace temperature is the standard of the uniformity of coercive force.




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