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Low Pressure Sinter HIP Furnace 500*520*1900mm For Cemented Carbide

Low Pressure Sinter HIP Furnace 500*520*1900mm For Cemented Carbide

  • High Light

    Low Pressure Sinter HIP Furnace


    Cemented Carbide Sinter HIP Furnace


    1900mm Metal Sintering Machine

  • Service Life
    20 Years
  • Operating Times
    300 Times/year
  • Heating Power
  • Painting
  • After Sales
    Engineer Can Be Dispatched To Foreign Country To Finish The Installation And Commissioning Work
  • Warranty Period
    12 Months
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE;ISO9001;ISO14001;OHSAS 18001;GB/T29490
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Exempted from inspection wooden case
  • Delivery Time
    100-120 work days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T
  • Supply Ability
    8 sets/month

Low Pressure Sinter HIP Furnace 500*520*1900mm For Cemented Carbide

500*520*1900-low pressure sinering furnace mainly applied in different types of cemented carbide 


Main application

The pressure sintering furnace is mainly used for the main functions of H2 dewaxing under micro-positive pressure of cemented carbide,dewaxing under negative pressure of argon,vacuum sintering,argon static and dynamic sintering under low pressure,argon pressure dendenization,charged cooling/holding/heating under high temperature and high pressure.Each furnace program automatically check whether the graphite heating element is normal;Check safety interlocking conditions;The insulation door is not opened when the fault occurs during the dewaxing stage,and the function of positive pressure,micro positive pressure and vacuum leak detection,purge the dewaxing tube and heat recovery after fault recovery can be realized.


Main description

Horizontal design structure.The equipment mainly includes furnace body,hydraulic system,vacuum system,gas distribution system,high pressure system,dewaxing system,cooling water distribution system,graphite heating and electrical control system and other main components. The equipment should implement automatic control of sintering temperature,vacuum degree, pressure,hydraulic pressure and other working processes of pressure furnace, monitor the temperature of furnace door,furnace chamber and dewaxing tank, and drive and control and monitor the state of key components and the position of valves.With dynamic interlocking,permission management, parameter curve,historical data, energy consumption information,heat loss,event records,fault analysis records and other functions;Historical data must be stored for at least 12 months.The equipment has good safety performance and does not pollute the environment or harm human health.


Technical parameters


Design use circles more than 6000 circles


Effective working zone 500mm×520mm×1900 mm (W×H×L)


Design pressure(argon) 60bar



Working pressure(argon) ≤58bar


Max.Temp. 1600℃(Under the condition of vacuum and high pressure argon)


Working Temp. ≤1580℃


Max.loading weight 800kg(It depends on the loading product type)


Wax collection rate ≥98%


Vacuum pumping performance (1) The vacuum of the empty furnace is less than 15 minutes from atmospheric pressure to 5Pa.
(2) After the empty furnace has reached 5Pa, the limit vacuum should reach 1Pa within 1 hour of pumping.


Leakage rate 2Pa/h


High pressure gas filling time  ≤15 minutes


Heating power About 320KVA


Temperature control mode  3 zone temperature control independently


Heating up speed ≤10℃/mim(empty furnace),loading 200Kg product≤5℃/mim.


Cooling time When the furnace is full load, the cooling time of sintering temperature from 1450℃ to 100℃ is less than or equal to 6 hours (water temperature is less than or equal to 30℃,55bar is less than or equal to 58bar).


UPS guarantee time ≥80 minutes



After sales:

1. Installation,Commissioning and Acceptance

We do installation,commissioning and acceptance in buyer's plant.During the installation and commissioning period,the commissioning personnel shall be provided free of charge by the demander according to the staff standard.

The equipment shipped to the buyer,the seller received the buyer's notification,both within a week to carry the equipment out of the box together, then check the equipment and all components according to the packing list.Including equipment accessories,spare parts and special tools, attached manual and technical documents, etc.It can be installed after the acceptance check of equipment.
After installation and commissioning,the equipment shall be accepted according to the technical accessories.



When taking-over the furnace to the customer,we will give a staff training to customer.The operating personnel of the customer should join to commission,test the furnace, when installing at customer’s company.
This is practical operation training and practical maintenance training,and our technical personnel will telling the basic principle,equipment maintenance knowledge,and the common fault handling measures.We can training 2 ~ 3 workers. ( Training how to maintenance and operating.)


3.Warranty period

The warranty period of the equipment is 12 months,which starts from the date of installation and debugging of the supplier.Equipment failure happens,after-sales service personnel shall give solutions within 2 hours,after receiving the buyer's notification.If it is need to go to the site for treatment,operators dispatched by seller should arrive at the site within 48 hours after go aboard.In case of emergency,operators should arrive at the site within 48 hours after go aboard,and continue to make repairs until the fault is removed and the equipment returns to normal.