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Vacuum Sintering Furnace Equipped With Secondary Pump Unit(Roots Pump,Backing Pump)

Vacuum Sintering Furnace Equipped With Secondary Pump Unit(Roots Pump,Backing Pump)

  • High Light

    Secondary Pump Unit Vacuum Sintering Furnace


    Roots Pump Vacuum Sintering Furnace


    120KVA Vacuum Furnace Equipment

  • Service Life
    20 Years
  • Operating Times
    300 Times/year
  • Heating Power
  • Painting
  • After Sales
    Engineer Can Be Dispatched To Foreign Country To Finish The Installation And Commissioning Work
  • Warranty Period
    12 Months
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE;ISO9001;ISO14001;OHSAS 18001;GB/T29490
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Exempted from inspection wooden case
  • Delivery Time
    100-120 work days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T
  • Supply Ability
    8 sets/month

Vacuum Sintering Furnace Equipped With Secondary Pump Unit(Roots Pump,Backing Pump)

Vacuum sintering furnace equipped with secondary pump unit(Roots pump,backing pump)


Equipment function:
Automatic leak detection function
Vacuum sintering function
Vacuum cooling function
Electrified cooling and insulation function
Rapid cooling function(Put a heat exchanger inside)
Fully automatic control function
Safety interlock function
Break point reheating function
Wireless remote diagnostic function


Design standards:
The vacuum sintering furnace is a single chamber and double door horizontal and periodic heating structure,which is designed for easy handling and maintenance, the whole process is controlled automatically.It can realize full load continuous operation, 300 furnace times/year or 300 working days/year.It uses graphite element resistance heating (low voltage, high current) .In addition, there are multiple heating units, each of which controls the temperature separately.It equipped with fully automatic control function and safety interlock function.The whole process is automatically controlled, monitored, tracked and recorded by computer.The PLC, industrial computer (PC) control to realize the whole process of one-key start, real-time dynamic monitoring, computer will save temperature, pressure, vacuum and other parameters ,alarm interlocking is safe and reliable.


General equipment requirements:
It is mainly used for vacuum sintering, vacuum cooling and rapid cooling of stainless steel materials.It can meet the strict requirements for the uniformity of furnace temperature and atmosphere in the sintering process, and the furnace body structure design is advanced and reasonable, which is convenient for operation and maintenance.The main supporting components (control components, sensors, graphite heating element, thermocouple, main control valve, vacuum pump, etc.) have the international advanced level, can adapt to the long-term, stable, reliable mass production requirements.At the same time, the equipment meets the national requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection.


Technical parameters of equipment

Available working zone size(W*H*L)



Max.loading weight

500kg(The amount of load depends on the type of product)


Working temperature

1350℃(maximum working temperature)

1300℃(actual working temperature )


Pumping speed

The vacuum degree can reach 5Pa within 30min after the pump is started, and the limit vacuum value can reach 1Pa after pumping for 30min after reaching 5Pa

(After drying the furnace,under the empty furnace, clean and cold state.)

Leakage rate


(Measuring the limit vacuum after drying the furnace, stop the operation of the pump group and start the test.Average within 3 hours in empty furnace, clean and cold state)


Cooling speed


Empty furnace,the cooling time of cooling temperature from 1300℃ down to 100℃ just cost less or equal 5 hours.(water temperature≤26℃,2bar≤water pressure≤3bar)

Cooling speed


The inner furnace is equipped with rapid cooling fan and cooling water realize rapid cooling.

Heating rod material


Heating up speed

Empty furnace heating up≤5℃

Heating power

It is about 120KVA (the power configuration of the heating transformer is related to the heating speed,and the heating power can be automatically limited according to the actual use of the production).



After-sales service
    The warranty period of the equipment is 12 months.The warranty period shall start from the date when the supplier is qualified in installation and commissioning.After the equipment failure occurs,the after-sales service personnel shall put forward a solution within 2 hours after receiving the notice from the buyer,and those in urgent need of on-site treatment shall arrive at the site within 12 hours,and continuous repair shall be carried out until the fault is removed and the equipment completely returns to normal.
    During the warranty period,the seller shall replace or repair the equipment free of charge for any loss or damage caused by the quality of the equipment itself.Non - quality problems,due to the demander negligence or improper operation caused by the fault.The buyer can contact the supplier,and the supplier can provide paid technical support.