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10MPA Vacuum Sintering Furnace For Hard Alloy Debinding

10MPA Vacuum Sintering Furnace For Hard Alloy Debinding

10MPA Vacuum Sintering Furnace

Hard Alloy Debinding Vacuum Sintering Furnace

Hard Alloy Debinding Vacuum Pressure Furnace

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CE;ISO9001;ISO14001;OHSAS 18001;GB/T29490

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Product Details
Service Life:
20 Years
Operating Times:
300 Times/year
Heating Element:
Inner Structure:
Round Tank
Loading Weight:
After Sales:
Engineer Can Be Dispached To Foreign Country To Finish The Installation And Commissioning Work
12 Months
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
Packaging Details
Exempted from inspection wooden case
Delivery Time
70-80 work days
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T
Supply Ability
8 sets/month
Product Description

500*500*1800mm-10MPA positive and negative debinding pressure sintering furnace


Main application
It is used for debinding of high-performance hard alloy materials (it can realize the process of positive and negative pressure dewaxing, and the forming agent is paraffin, PEG or rubber), hydrogen discharge, vacuum sintering, partial pressure sintering, pressure sintering, rapid cooling and other batch production operations and research and development operations in the laboratory.


Total requirements
The cemented carbide pressure sinter-HIP furnace is single chamber, horizontal and periodic heating. It adopts low voltage and large current graphite electric heating element for heating. It has several heating units, each of which controls the temperature separately.It has debinding function,which can achieve the positive and negative pressure of two removal processes, molding agent for paraffin, PEG or rubber).Moreover,it also can realize hydrogen discharge, vacuum sintering, partial pressure sintering, sinter-HIP and rapid cooling functions. The whole process by computer automation control, monitoring, tracking, fault self-diagnosis simulation display and record.


Technical parameters of equipment

Design service life of furnace shell 20 years
Design operating times of furnace shell 6000 furnace/times
Valid working zone size(W*H*L) ≥500mm×500mm×1800mm
Max.loading weight 1500kg(The amount of load depends on the type of product) temperature 1600℃(Under the condition of vacuum sintering, heating up the furnace to 1600℃)
Max.working temperature 1550℃(Under vacuum and pressurized status) pressure 100bar
Max.working pressure 98bar
Pumping speed Within 30 minutes after the pump starts, the vacuum degree can reach 5Pa. After the pump reaches 5Pa and then pumps for 30 minutes, the ultimate vacuum value can reach 1Pa (after the oven, in the case of cold, air and dry).
Leakage rate ≤3Pa/h(After the limit vacuum is measured after the oven, stop the operation of the pump set and start the test. Empty furnace, clean, cold, average value within 3 hours)
Cooling time for full load When the furnace is fully loaded with charge, the cooling time of sintering temperature from 1450℃ to 100℃ is less than 6 hours (water temperature is less than 30℃,95bar is less than 98bar).
Filling high pressure argon gas Adopt intermittent stable inflation, charging time can be set. The system accurately matches the relationship between the inflating volume and the time to ensure the inflating follow.
Wax collection rate ≥98%
Pressurization Pressure to 98Bar, ≤15min can be set (the air source pressure is stable in the range of 120-130bar).
Uninterruptible power supply guarantee time Power the indicator lamp and control the furnace when the power is off, the time is ≥80 minutes.
Heating up speed 8℃/min(In the case of full furnace, the middle temperature section is allowed to hold heat)
Heating power About 600KVA
Heating zone temperature uniformity During vacuum and pressure sintering, temperature uniformity at a pressure of (98bar) 1450 ° C: high pressure gas is charged at the maximum allowable rate, thermocouple temperature fluctuation ≤±5 ° C.



10MPA Vacuum Sintering Furnace For Hard Alloy Debinding 0



After sales:

1. Installation, Commissioning And Acceptance

We do installation, commissioning and acceptance in buyer's plant.During the installation and commissioning period, the commissioning personnel shall be provided free of charge by the demander according to the staff standard.

The equipment shipped to the buyer, the seller received the buyer's notification, both within a week to carry the equipment out of the box together, then check the equipment and all components according to the packing list . Including equipment accessories, spare parts and special tools, attached manual and technical documents, etc. It can be installed after the acceptance check of equipment.
After installation and debugging, the equipment shall be accepted according to the technical accessories.


2. Training

When taking-over the Furnace to the customer, We will give a staff training to customer. The operating personnel of the customer should join to commission,test the furnace, when installing at customer’s company.
This is practical operation training and practical maintenance training,and our technical personnel will telling the basic principle,equipment maintenance knowledge,and the common fault handling measures.We can training 2 ~ 3 workers. ( Training how to maintenance and operating.)


3. Warranty period

The warranty period of the equipment is 12 months, which starts from the date of installation and debugging of the supplier. Equipment failure happens, after-sales service personnel shall give solutions within 2 hours, after receiving the buyer's notification . If it is need to go to the site for treatment , operators dispatched by seller should arrive at the site within 48 hours after go aboard. In case of emergency,operators should arrive at the site within 48 hours after go aboard, and continue to make repairs until the fault is removed and the equipment returns to normal.



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