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10MPa Gas Pressure Sintering Furnace Degreasing And Pressure Sintering Integrated

10MPa Gas Pressure Sintering Furnace Degreasing And Pressure Sintering Integrated

vacuum pressure furnace

high pressure furnace

10MPa Gas Pressure Sintering Furnace

Place of Origin:

Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province,China

Brand Name:



CE;ISO9001;ISO14001;OHSAS 18001;GB/T29490

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Product Details
Gas Pressure Sintering Furnace
Forming Agent Type:
Paraffin, Rubber, PEG
High Pressure:
Powder Metallurgy:
Carbide, Silicon Nitride Ceramic, Zirconia Ceramic, Stainless Steel Products
Degreasing And Pressure Sintering Integrated
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Special wooden case packing
Delivery Time
60-80 work days
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T
Supply Ability
8 sets/month
Product Description

10MPa pressure sintering furnace made in China, degreasing and pressure sintering integrated furnace


Gas Pressure Sintering Furnace​ Description:


gas pressure sintering furnace is single-chamber, horizontal and periodic heating.It adopt low voltage and large current graphite heating element to heating, and it has multiple heating units, each unit controls the temperature separately.The whole process is automatically controlled, monitored, tracked and displayed and recorded by the computer.

The gas pressure sintering furnace is a vacuum gas pressure furnace which is filled with a high pressure gas during the sintering process. The sintering process is to heat the sintered material under negative pressure to grow it; to be sintered under normal pressure to reach a fatigue state, so that the pores in the material are closed; finally, sintering under high pressure further increases the fatigue state of the material and The stress in the material is quickly removed, and the material is further consolidated to remove residual pores. Therefore, after high temperature and high pressure sintering process, all aspects of mechanical properties (hardness, flexural strength, Weibull distribution mode, fracture toughness, etc.) are superior to ordinary sintering processes.


Gas Pressure Sintering Furnace​ Application:


Pressure sintering furnace is very suitable for the sintering of various ceramic materials, alloy materials and metal materials, especially the materials which will decompose after the temperature rises and the hardness of the sintering in the conventional method can not meet the requirements. As with vacuum thermal sintering, there are no restrictions on the sintered part or its geometry in this process. Sintering of conventional synthetic materials. Sintered silicon nitride and sialon ceramics have excellent mechanical properties after sintering. They can be used as cutting tools, rotors for turbocharger engines and components for engines. and many more).
Sintered SiC ceramics (can be used to corrode high mechanical stress parts in the environment, etc.).
High temperature super alloy (for mechanical stress parts in high temperature environments).
Cemented carbide, especially for sintering carbides with low cobalt content and high quality mechanical parts.
Production of SSN batch parts in the automotive industry.


Gas Pressure Sintering Furnace​ Technical parameters:



Specifications RDE-DYL-224 RDE-DYL-3535120/RDE-DYL-4412 RDE-DYL-5512/RDE-DYL-5518 RDE-DYL-5527
Effective space(w* h * l)mm 200*200*400





Max.Temperature 1600℃ 1600℃ 1600℃ 1600℃
Maximum load 50Kg 300Kg/350Kg 1200Kg/1500Kg 2000Kg
Vacuum leakage rate:(Average in cold,empty,dry chamber in 3 hours) 1Pa/h 2Pa/h 3Pa/h 3Pa/h
Extreme vacuum 0.8Pa 0.8Pa 1Pa 1.5Pa
Wax-collection rate(negative pressure dewaxing process.The maximum average value is 3 furnaces) 98% 98% 98% 98%
Working pressure









Cooling period(Sintering temperature—100℃) 40min-120min 120min-360min 180min-420min 180min-480min
Temperature control mode Single zone/2-zone 2-zone/3-zone 3-zone/4-zone 4-zone
Atmosphere and temperatureuniformity









Input gas allowed Ar,N2,He,H2,CH4,Co2
Functions:Vacuun dewaxing,H2 dewaxing,vacuum heating,heating with gas mixture(Co2/CH4/H2),heating flowing gas,heating pressure gas,Rapid cooling.


Name: Gas Pressure Sintering Furnace Certification:: CE/ISO9001/ISO14001/OHSAS 18001/GB/T29490
Vacuum Pump: Backing Pump, Roots-type Pump Color: White
Control Power Supply: Single-phase AC210V-250V 50HZ Max.Temperature:

10MPa Gas Pressure Sintering Furnace Degreasing And Pressure Sintering Integrated 0

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