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Double Control System Vacuum Sintering Furnace , 6MPa HIP Metal Sintering Machine

Double Control System Vacuum Sintering Furnace , 6MPa HIP Metal Sintering Machine

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    hip furnace


    hot isostatic pressing equipment

  • Name
    6MPa Vacuum-pressure Sintering Furnace
  • Pressurization Period
  • Control Cabinet Power Supply
    Single-phase, AC210V-250V/50HZ
  • Input Gas Allowed
    Ar, H2, N2, CH4
  • Heating Power
    80KVA/240KVA/260KVA/300KVA / 320KVA/380KVA/430KVA
  • Power Supply
    3*AC380V ±10% +N+PE/ 50HZ
  • Place of Origin
    Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province,China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE;ISO9001;ISO14001;OHSAS 18001;GB/T29490
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Special wooden case packing
  • Delivery Time
    100-120 work days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T
  • Supply Ability
    8 sets/month

Double Control System Vacuum Sintering Furnace , 6MPa HIP Metal Sintering Machine

Double Control System Vacuum Sintering Furnace , 6MPa HIP Metal Sintering Machine
6MPa Vacuum pressure sintering furnace
The application field of vacuum pressure sintering furnace:
The purpose of the vacuum pressure sintering furnace is manufacturing of cemented carbide tools by the removal of adhesive from pressed forms, solid-phase sintering in vacuum and protective atmosphere (argon, hydrogen) and sintering in the presence of liquid phase with application of pressure.
1. All these gas pressure sintering furnace are equipped with double control system, double thermocouples and double high pressure sensor to ensure that if one system fails, the other will continue to work reliably.
2. We use German COAX high-pressure valve, Germany WAKI high-pressure sensor and Germany LEYBOLD or INFICON vacuum gauge for safe and reliable operation, high vacuum level and low vacuum leakage.
3. Each of these 6MPa vacuum-pressure sintering furnaces is detected by using helium mass spectrometer leak detector.


loading Space200*200*400/300*300*600/300*300*900/ 350*350*1200/400*400*1200/500*500*1200/ 500*500*1800/500*500*2700
Design StandardJB4732-95/GB150/ASME, 20-year service,Double doors horizontal structure, 600 Times
Max. working Temp1600℃
Max. working Pressure60bar
Vacuum Leakage Rate3Pa/h (Average in cold, empty, dry chamber in 24 hours)
Vacuum pumpSlide-valve Pump, Roots Pump, (Imported Pump or domestic pump according to customer's requirement)
Wax-collection Rate98%
Pressurization Period15-30min
Cooling period (full furnace)3h/4h/ ≤5h/ ≤6h/≤7h/≤7h/≤8h/≤10h
Temp. &Atmosphere UniformityCoercivity deviation ≤ ±0.3KA/m, Magnetic saturation deviation ≤ ±0.2%, Temperature variation ≤ ±7 ℃
Cooling water Temp.≤ 30 ℃
Cooling water flow rate600L/min
Power Supply3*AC380V ±10% +N+PE/ 50HZ
Control cabinet Power SupplySingle-phase, AC210V-250V/50HZ
Heating power80KVA/240KVA/260KVA/300KVA / 320KVA/380KVA/430KVA
Temp. Measurement ModeWRE5-26 Dual-core or Single- core thermocouple, mutually redundant, stable and reliable.
Temp. control modeSingle-zone Temp.Control,3-zone temp. control or 4-zone temp. control
FunctionsVacuum heating, vacuum dewaxing, H2 dewaxing, heating flowing gas, heating with gas mixture (CO2,CH4,H2), heating pressure gas, Rapid cooling.
Furnace weight≈8ton/ ≈10ton/≈10ton/≈17ton/ ≈22ton/ ≈23ton/≈23ton/≈30ton
Input gas allowedAr, H2, N2, CH4

Technical feature of vacuum sintering furnace:
1. Adopting special furnace inner liner structure and heater arrangement, it has good uniformity of the furnace temperature.
2. Adopting special structure for the degreasing chamber, efficiency sealing, completely degreasing and no pollution to the inner element.
3. Vacuum sintering furnace has flexible vacuum pumping, vacuum sintering, micro positive pressure sintering, partial pressure sintering, micro positive degreasing, and other functions;
4. Adopting the most advanced heat insulation structure and materials, good heat insulation performance of furnace liner, less heat, more than traditional design energy saving 25%.
5. Adopting touch screen operation, PLC centralized control, simple operation, high reliability.
6. Vacuum sintering furnace has the alarm function of ultra-temperature and ultra-voltage, mechanical and automatic for pressure protection action, interlocking functions, high safety equipment.
7. Vacuum sintering furnace has remote operation,remote fault diagnosis and remote software upgrades and other function.