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Vacuum Sintering Furnace Rapid Cooling Partial Pressure Sintering

Vacuum Sintering Furnace Rapid Cooling Partial Pressure Sintering

Sinter HIP Vacuum Sintering Furnace

35T Rapid Cooling Vacuum Sintering Furnace

Partial Pressure Sintering HIP Furnace

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300*300*900mm, 400*400*1200mm

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Product Details
Sintering Furnace
1 Year
Valid Sintering Space:
After-sales Service Provided:
Online One-on-one Support
CE, ISO90001
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
Packaging Details
Exempted from inspection wooden case
Delivery Time
Payment Terms
T/T, L/C
Supply Ability
7 sets/month
Product Description

Vacuum Sintering Furnace With Sinter HIP Rapid Cooling Partial Pressure Sintering Function


Main application:

For mass production of high-performance cemented carbide materials which gathered dewaxing (It can realize vacuum dewaxing, H2 dewaxing, binder can be paraffin or PEG), Vacuum sintering, Low pressure Argon dynamic partial pressure sintering, High pressure Argon sintering, cooling, heat preservation and heating up under high temperature high pressure status


Service life

6000times / 20-years service life

Useful space


Max. Loading weight

100kg(It depends on sintering product and loading space)

Max. Designed temp.

1600℃(Heating temperature)

Max. Working temp.


Ultimate vacuum degree

  1Pa(After heating in a cold,empty,dry condition)

Leakage rate

(average value in 24h)


  3pa/h(After testing ultimate vacuum,under empty cold,clean     condition,test in average 24h)

Wax Collection rate


≥98% (Argon or Nitrogen dewaxing with 10kg wax absolutely, average not more than 3 times )

Heating rate

8°C/min (in the case of vacuum and empty furnace, the room temperature rises to 1450°C, 600°C, 1000°C, and 1200°C can be kept for 40 minutes half way), full furnace≤5°C/min

Pressuring time


≤20min.Time can be set(When gas source is kept around 130bar,pressurized to required pressure)

Cooling time


≤4 hours( From 1450℃ drop to 100℃ when fully-loaded,water temperature≤30℃,50bar≤pressure≤58bar )

UPS time


Supply power to indicator and to control furnace when power-off, Keeping time≥60min

Temp.measurement Mode


Duplex core thermocouple,mutually redundant, stable and reliable

Temperature control mode

Single-zone temp. Control

Input gas allowed

Ar, N2, H2

Furnace Body weight

10 T





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