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Special Sinter HIP Furnace For Cemented Carbide , Ceramic And Stainless Steel Products

Special Sinter HIP Furnace For Cemented Carbide , Ceramic And Stainless Steel Products

hip furnace

hot isostatic pressing machine

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Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province, China

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Loading Space(mm);200*200*400,300*300*600,,350*350*1200,400*400*1200,500*500*1800

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Product Details
Cemented Carbide:
Cutting Tool,Mining Tools,Wear Parts,Mold Material
Industrial Ceramics,Precision Ceramic,Silicon Nitride Ceramic,Alumina Ceramic,Zirconia Ceramic
Stainless Steel:
Precision Stainless Steel
Sinter HIP Furnace
Cemented Carbide , Ceramic
Stainless Steel Products
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
Packaging Details
Special wooden box packaging
Delivery Time
70-120 work days
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T
Supply Ability
8 sets/month
Product Description

    Special sintering furnace for cemented carbide, ceramic and stainless steel products



    The low-pressure vacuum sintering furnace is the key equipment for the production of high-performance cemented carbide. The cemented carbide, ceramic and stainless steel products sintered by the equipment have excellent microstructure,regardless of the strength of the product or the hardness and density of the product. There is a corresponding improvement; compared with the cemented carbide which is subjected to hot isostatic pressing after sintring, it has the advantages of stable performance and low production cost.

    The cemented carbide pressure sintering furnace is a single-chamber, horizontal, periodic heating, heating with low-voltage and high-current graphite electric heating elements, and has multiple heating units, each of which individually controls the temperature; the whole process is controlled and monitored by computer, tracking, fault self-diagnosis simulation display and recording.

Functions The sintering furnace can realize continuous degreasing (Ar differential pressure degreasing, H2 micro-pressure degreasing), vacuum sintering and pressure sintering process; it has atmosphere adjustment function, the furnace atmosphere is stable, the product quality is easy to control;the furnace partial pressure control (dynamic division) Pressure and static partial pressure);special degreasing sealing furnace is beneficial to improve furnace temperature uniformity;directional air degreasing, strengthen degreasing effect;realize various safety interlocks, especially over-temperature and overpressure multiple protection.
Product Positioning

Suitable for sintering of cemented carbide, ceramic and stainless steel products.According to customer needs, we can customize different specifications and models to meet the actual production needs of the sintering furnace.

Special Sinter HIP Furnace For Cemented Carbide , Ceramic And Stainless Steel Products 0


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