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Good Sealability Metal Sintering Furnace , Heat Treatment Furnace For Aluminum Products

Good Sealability Metal Sintering Furnace , Heat Treatment Furnace For Aluminum Products

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Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province,China

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CE;ISO9001;ISO14001;OHSAS 18001;GB/T29490

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Product Details
Heat Treatment Furnace For Aluminum
Aluminum Products
Good Sealability.ect
Cooling Period:
MAX Working Pressure:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
Packaging Details
Special wooden case packing
Delivery Time
70-80 work days
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T
Supply Ability
8 sets/month
Product Description

Good Sealability Metal Sintering Furnace , Heat Treatment Furnace For Aluminum




Small or complex parts are difficult to produce by casting or machining. Components that require sintering are often delicate, intricate, and easy to botch. Vacuum sintering is an efficient way to join parts with minimal waste.

Vacuum sintering produces consistent, bright parts with no seams, joints, or fillers. Powdered metal, metal injection molding, 3D printing, and other similar technologies can benefit greatly from the superior quality and flexibility of vacuum sintering.


Vacuum pump: backing pump, Roots-type pump(slide valve pump, rotary vane pump, screw pump and so on can be selected for the backing pump, allowing customers to choose world-class brand products)


Power supply: General standard is three phase five wire system AC380V±10% 50HZ.

Control power supply: Single-phase AC210V-250V 50HZ design(Different countries and regions can be designed according to local grid standards)


Temperature measurement mode : WRe5-26 thermocouple


Technical parameters:





Effective space(w* h * l)mm



Maximum load 1800Kg

Vacuum leakage rate:(Average in cold,empty,dry chamber in 3 hours)

Extreme vacuum 1.5Pa

MAX working pressure


Cooling period(Sintering temperature—100℃)


Temperature control mode



vacuum heating,Rapid cooling


Applications: For Cemented Carbide , Precision Ceramic , For stainless steel , Iron-bae alloy , Copper-base alloy , Aluminum products Vacuum heat treatment


Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace Characteristics

Good Sealability
Good sealing is the main feature of vacuum heat treatment furnace, and only by ensuring the sealing of the furnace, can the contact between metal materials and external oxides be reduced, thus effectively improving the quality of metal materials. In the design process, in order to ensure the vacuum performance of vacuum heat treatment furnace, vacuum heat treatment furnace often undergoes strict processing procedures, such as gas-tight welding of furnace body, try not to open holes on vacuum heat treatment furnace body, so as to reduce the chance of air mixing. At the same time, other parts of the vacuum heat treatment furnace body should be strictly sealed to improve the overall sealing of the vacuum heat treatment furnace.
High Efficiency Thermal Insulation Materials and Heating Materials
Because the internal operating environment of vacuum heat treatment furnace will not be mixed with oxygen and other oxidizing gases, it can effectively improve the heating efficiency and overall quality of metal materials. It is also based on this problem that vacuum heat treatment furnace can choose heating and insulation materials without fear of oxidation, and more attention can be paid to materials. The heating efficiency and insulation efficiency of the material. Generally speaking, the insulating materials and heating materials used in vacuum heat treatment furnace are tantalum, tungsten, molybdenum and graphite. Although these materials are easy to oxidize in atmosphere, because of the characteristics of vacuum heat treatment furnace, these insulating materials and heating materials can play a good role in the actual production process.

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