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Maximum Load 1800Kg Heat Treatment Furnaces , Energy Saving High Vacuum Furnace

Maximum Load 1800Kg Heat Treatment Furnaces , Energy Saving High Vacuum Furnace

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    heat treat furnace


    heat treating furnaces and equipment

  • Name
    High Vacuum Furnace
  • Feature
    High Automatic,safe,ect
  • Control Power Supply
    Single-phase AC210V-250V 50HZ
  • Applications
    Cemented Carbide , Precision Ceramic,ect
  • MAX Working Pressure
  • Extreme Vacuum
  • Place of Origin
    Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province,China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE;ISO9001;ISO14001;OHSAS 18001;GB/T29490
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Special wooden case packing
  • Delivery Time
    100-120 work days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T
  • Supply Ability
    8 sets/month

Maximum Load 1800Kg Heat Treatment Furnaces , Energy Saving High Vacuum Furnace


Maximum Load 1800Kg Heat Treatment Furnaces , Energy Saving High Vacuum Furnace




Vacuum heat treatment furnace is a fast developing heat treatment technology in recent years. It has many advantages, such as good quality, good energy saving effect and no pollution. It has been widely used in industrial production process.

Vacuum heat treatment technology is the combination of vacuum technology and heat treatment technology, which can effectively improve the quality of metal materials and promote the continuous improvement of industrial production technology in China. When metal is heated in an air furnace, it reacts with oxides such as oxygen, water vapor and carbon dioxide in the air. The substances generated will seriously affect the quality of metal materials, resulting in the reduction of the quality of metal materials. Vacuum heat treatment furnace can solve this problem very well. In the process of metal heating, the metal is in a completely vacuum environment, and the heat treatment process is completed under different external environment contacts, thus effectively avoiding impurities and improving the quality of metal materials.



Technical parameters:





Effective space(w* h * l)mm



Maximum load 1800Kg

Vacuum leakage rate:(Average in cold,empty,dry chamber in 3 hours)

Extreme vacuum 1.5Pa

MAX working pressure


Cooling period(Sintering temperature—100℃)


Temperature control mode



vacuum heating,Rapid cooling


Applications: For Cemented Carbide , Precision Ceramic , For stainless steel , Iron-bae alloy , Copper-base alloy , Aluminum products Vacuum heat treatment

Vacuum pump: backing pump, Roots-type pump(slide valve pump, rotary vane pump, screw pump and so on can be selected for the backing pump, allowing customers to choose world-class brand products)


Power supply: General standard is three phase five wire system AC380V±10% 50HZ.

Control power supply: Single-phase AC210V-250V 50HZ design(Different countries and regions can be designed according to local grid standards)


Temperature measurement mode : WRe5-26 thermocouple


Feature :

1. High automatic, it can be fully automation with the furnace model simulation display and real-time display device when running.

2. Very safe, with sound-light alarm when over-temperature, sensor burnout, over pressure of furnace and water, water flow, water temperature is too high .

3. It can be equipped with a built-in or external fast-cooling system,improving the working efficiency

4. Energy-saving, special made coil and insulation structure, power output stability, high electrical efficiency.